Casa Lickana Small Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama offers a warm and cozy stay with 8 rooms, each with a private bathroom, in a central location.
Our goal is to convey the kindness of Chileans and the simplicity of the desert.
Built by the Aguilar Ramos family, members of the local indigenous community with more than 50 years of history in the small hotel business, who shared a passion for the culture and nature of San Pedro de Atacama, deciding to create a place where travelers could experience the authentic life in the desert, differentiating itself from conventional tourist hotels.
The construction was by sectors, the initial ones being an adobe construction, the original element of the old constructions, this element can be seen on the exterior wall of the hotel, and it is protected by the Council of National Monuments. The hotel is also crossed by a water canal, which is part of the original irrigation system of the ayllus in San Pedro de Atacama, this system has been associated with Atacameño cultural development since pre-Hispanic periods. The first channels could be drainage, a technique already introduced from 1200-400 BC in the Formative period. Currently, the system is preserved to make adequate and community use of the liquid element in local agriculture.

Since then, as a human team we have worked hard to provide a unique and authentic experience to our guests, offering comfortable, cozy accommodation and personalized attention.
The hotel has been improved over time and adapted to meet the needs of modern travellers.
Located on the main street of the town, Caracoles, we are just a few steps from restaurants, tourist agencies and commerce in general.
Our style of service is attentive to the guests and at the same time allows their independence.